"WARNING" -If you have not already seen the movie "The Ring", you may not want to read further as I may divulge some elements of the film that may spoil  it for you!
I created a prop mirror as shown in the Horror film of 2002 The Ring, the image of Samara appears the disappears.

  • The mirror  is constructed from an oval picture frame that I acquired from a garage sale for $3.00. 
  • A thin piece of plexiglass is added, although you really can't tell from this picture.

mirror.JPG (29189 bytes)

Using Print Shop 12, this image from the movie is cropped, enlarged, sharpened and printed out on 4 sheets of paper (19" x 14.2"). The pieces are trimmed and taped together. The seams are blended using some artist pens and inks.

The plexiglass is coated with a sheet of Gila Privacy mirror film according to the directions. This  will create the illusion of a mirror.

samara_mirror5.JPG (23291 bytes)

The picture of Samara is attached to a piece of foam core and will be mounted to the back of the mirror frame not in the recessed part.  An additional 3/4" piece of rigid foam is cut to size to increase the thickness of the frame and  space the image further back, allowing adequate space for the lights.

A string of tiny Christmas lights  that have different patterns is stapled to the back of the  mirror frame. (Be careful not to staple thru any of the wires) As these lights are powered, they will illuminate the picture of Samara and cause the image to be to appear. The light string is set to the Fading setting so the light fades in and out at varying  intervals.

mirror5.JPG (9475 bytes)

mirror5a.JPG (14545 bytes)

Finished product with fading lights on

Mirror not backlit

Revised 10/14/03

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