This is a shot of the mausoleum in progress. The entire facade is made from 1 in thick styrofaom cut to fit the opening of my garage. The columns are made from plastic buckets and cardboard cement foundation forms from Home Depot.

The 4" x 10" windows are covered from the inside with a blood red gel used for lighting effects and behind that is a piece of a clear "cracked ice" lighting panel to give a stained glass effect. I mounted  7W bulbs behind each window and are enclosed and covered with black plastic bags so as not to disrupt the black light effect for the Ghost.


This picture shows the interior of the mausoleum, the lights are enclosed by the cherrios boxes with an opening cut to fit the shape of the windows. Since the facade panels were made from regular styrofoam I chose to use as lightweight of an enclosure as possible; the cereal boxes worked great. The plastic bag is draped to further contain any light that leaks from the box.


The side panels are held in place by 4 tabs glued to the foam along each outer edge. They consist of wooden blocks to match the depth of the garage front (approx 2in) and a rotating tab made from 1/4in plywood.


The Mausoleum as seen in the day and at night to house the Flying Crank Ghost

The entire surface of the panels and columns are covered with a very thin layer of joint compound mixed with flat white latex paint to provide a texture. Subtle mold and moss shading is added to enhance the facade using a watered down green and black latex paint.

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